On location family shoot at the Beach. East Sussex, UK

I'm thinking about warmer days as I write this ! I've got myself a hot coffee and I'm looking through some photos that take me back to a fabulous retreat in Seaford, East Sussex. It was the Delight retreat run by VickiKnights Photography. The first evening we walked down to the beach with this gorgeous family for a sunset mini shoot. These kiddies we perfect models as we followed Vicky around the beach ! 

Family beach Photography. Ella in Seaford UK
Ella on the beach. Family beach photography
Ella on the beach. Seaford East Sussex

Family Photoshoot in Kent with Teenagers.

Here are the gorgeous Parsleys. They took me one of their favourite places to go as a family and it was so beautiful with all the Autumnal colours. This was a mini shoot & Josie wanted to update her family album as her kiddies are growing fast ! Along with their two gorgeous pups meet this lovely family  - Mum Josie is a partner of Fraser & Parsley a quintessentially English bespoke stationary company.  Take a look if you're after some classic & beautifully designed stationery.


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its your story - a couples feature

Natalie & James


Where did you meet ? We met at work in London but didn't get together for a year after knowing each other. I had the courage to ask James out for a drink in shoreditch and our love story started there. Sadly that bar is no longer there so we cant go back !

and how did you get together ? Well seeing as its the 21st century Natalie decided the take the plunge (after a couple of glasses of wine) and message James on Facebook (other social media platforms are available) - the rest is history !


How did James Propose? He proposed after a day exploring the city of Havana, a romantic meal was followed by a romantic walked through the City where James asked if i'd be his wife. I obviously, immediately said Yes ! I tried to send messages to friends and family with a picture of me sipping cocktails with my new ring on... no-one noticed at first and just commented on my cocktails ! 

How did you know you wanted to marry each other ? We both realised we were in love from quite early on and after living together we both knew we just wanted to take the next step and commit to building a life together. 

How do you see your married life together ? We want to laugh together, for many years to come. We want to work hard and have adventures together and commit to a lifetime together building a home.


So how did you decide when you wanted to get married ? We knew we wanted a Spring Wedding and we knew we would like it over a bank holiday weekend so guests to make a long weekend. 

and how difficult was finalising the guest list? Numbers of people were so important to us as we both have large extended families that we spend time with regularly and so we had to find a venue that would have the capacity to hold all of our friends and family.

What is your top priority for your Wedding day? Our top priority is to say our vows to each other, the person we want to grow old with; in front of people we love most that have a direct impact on our lives. 


What have you learnt through the process of planning your Wedding? That you don't have to have EVERYTHING. The pressure from social media  to have the most beautlful wedding is enormous so realising you don't need the trendiest thing is such a relief. With the right right guests at the right venue it will be perfect. and of course the right couple !! 


Do you have one piece of advice for a couple that has just got engaged? Take a deep breath. Focus only on what you both truly want. You're never going to please everyone, there is always going to be someone that may not agree with your decisions but thats OK. Soon you'll be standing in front of your fiancรฉ and nothing else will matter.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide ) and this is the wonder thats keeping the stars apart.

i carry your heart ( i carry it in my heart )
— e.e. Cummings

Should you invest in a Family Photo shoot?

Lets face it, we all prioritise spending our money on certain things each year  - It could be a new car, a new handbag, more family trips away, new toys or new clothes. 

I thought i'd put a post together to discuss if you should choose this year to invest in your family photoshoot. 



  • Its a way to have a day with just your family, doing something together in a place that means something to you or a place you enjoy. Its a time to connect together to have fun and to have it all documented so in weeks, months and years to come you can see how much everyone has changed or just reminisce about a time in your lives together.
  • It is now easier for everyone to document life, whether it be on an iPhone or on a nice DSLR camera. However how often do you actually print those photos or record them in an album. They are most likely still on your computer or device from years ago or on Facebook. These could, one day all disappear and you'd be left with just memories. Hiring a professional photographer means you're more likely to print your photos and they will be high quality & memorable photos for you to have as a family.
  • A chance to get the whole family in a photo. I know myself that i'm hardly in any photos and we've decided this year to invest ourself in our own professional family photos. By having someone else do the work you can have the whole family together in a whole album where you can have special and unexpected moments captured for you.
  • They're fun ! Its a great few hours together to have a laugh and capture some gorgeous moments as a family. We all know how fast time flies and how quickly the years fly by and much everyone changes even every week. It is an investment one that will serve as a lasting keepsake the entire family can treasure forever, a lot of my families tell me that their family portraits are one of their most treasured possessions, you'll never regret it.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer


There are so many photographers out there on the market now that It can be so overwhelming for a Bride & Groom to choose the right one for them. I've come up with few questions or pointers you may like to think about when choosing yours. 

  • Chat on the phone or meet up before booking anything - If you have never met the photographer before then this is my first piece of advice. Its essential that you and your photographer click and can actually be friends  - They are going to be there from the very start of your day and so you need to like each other !! I think you can tell almost instantly if you're going to get on well and if you're both singing from the same hymn sheet.
  • Look at their Gallery - What type of photos do they take? - Are you looking for traditional shots? Do you want the whole wedding documented from afar? Its so important to make sure that your styles are suited. Talk this through on your first phone call and compare what they're saying to what it on their website. 
  • how much ?! I know this is quite obvious but its worth checking exactly what is included in your package. Are you photos edited ? Do you have the whole gallery ?Do you get any other products included? When searching for your perfect photographer don't think that finding the cheapest is the best plan ! Its really worth making sure you are both compatible rather than saving a few pounds. 
  • Any assistants ? or what happens if they are ill. Find out that whoever they have in mind to replace them if they are ill will have the same style photos. 

These are just a few things to think about when looking around for a photographer - I'll list a few other questions below that you may want to include. 

Its most important though that you gel, that you both find the same things important. (i.e you may have put so much effort into the details and they may be more interested in people) This is where looking through completed albums will help to get a feel of what is important to the photographer and how they document your day.


  • can you provide references?
  • have you shot at this venue before? Would you look round beforehand?
  • how soon will our wedding photos be available ?
  • can guests take photos as well ?
  • are you insured?