Choosing a Wedding Photographer


There are so many photographers out there on the market now that It can be so overwhelming for a Bride & Groom to choose the right one for them. I've come up with few questions or pointers you may like to think about when choosing yours. 

  • Chat on the phone or meet up before booking anything - If you have never met the photographer before then this is my first piece of advice. Its essential that you and your photographer click and can actually be friends  - They are going to be there from the very start of your day and so you need to like each other !! I think you can tell almost instantly if you're going to get on well and if you're both singing from the same hymn sheet.
  • Look at their Gallery - What type of photos do they take? - Are you looking for traditional shots? Do you want the whole wedding documented from afar? Its so important to make sure that your styles are suited. Talk this through on your first phone call and compare what they're saying to what it on their website. 
  • how much ?! I know this is quite obvious but its worth checking exactly what is included in your package. Are you photos edited ? Do you have the whole gallery ?Do you get any other products included? When searching for your perfect photographer don't think that finding the cheapest is the best plan ! Its really worth making sure you are both compatible rather than saving a few pounds. 
  • Any assistants ? or what happens if they are ill. Find out that whoever they have in mind to replace them if they are ill will have the same style photos. 

These are just a few things to think about when looking around for a photographer - I'll list a few other questions below that you may want to include. 

Its most important though that you gel, that you both find the same things important. (i.e you may have put so much effort into the details and they may be more interested in people) This is where looking through completed albums will help to get a feel of what is important to the photographer and how they document your day.


  • can you provide references?
  • have you shot at this venue before? Would you look round beforehand?
  • how soon will our wedding photos be available ?
  • can guests take photos as well ?
  • are you insured?