Social media - the comparison headache.

brothers weekly photo

How do I get myself more followers? I find myself thinking as I check instagram. I am trying to grow my photography business and find ways to inspire and connect with others on Instagram who inspire me. but In doing so I find myself falling into the comparison trap. Wondering how are others doing so well or how others have "followers' in the thousands ! What has infact happened is that instead of taking more photos to try and improve it has put me off picking up my camera!

I've taken less photos of my three children this year than I ever have because I'm trying to imitate what others are doing instead of just growing my skills organically.  SO, I've been searching the blogging world to see how others are tackling this common problem.

Realising that I'm NOT perfect. I completely know this already but its important to remember that neither is anyone else ! Social media and particularly Instagram is just a way of showcasing a very tiny window into real life. Its only what people want you to see. Fully embrace the imperfectly perfect moments which is actually what I promise to photograph for my clients !

Accept where you are.  Hey, this business is super competitive. There are so many amazing photographers. I have been lucky enough to work with such beautiful grateful families and couples and I have to have the faith that the right people will come my way and we can create beautiful things together. 

Turn comparison into Inspiration. I think this for me means to keep learning to keep growing and instead of wondering whether my work is better or worse than the next person just to concentrate on improving my skills and giving my clients the best experience possible. 

Connect & collaborate. I think we often a bit scared to connect with others in the same field as we feel it may not be beneficial to our business or we might be fighting for the same clients but no personalities are the same and no two clients are the same either. We should be happy to share our qualities and collaborate with other professionals to help lift each other up - If we all try and help each other surely it helps everyone? I've really noticed that the photographers out there who are are great at connecting with others are the most successful. 

So if you're falling into this comparison trap then don't think you're the only one ! But lets change our mindset and concentrate on evolving ourself and connecting with others. because isn't that what SOCIAL media is all about? We're not meant to journey in this life alone !

mother and son cuddles.