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Hey! I’m Hannah. photographer based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I photograph families, people & Weddings and I love this vocation that has been placed in my hands !

I'm so grateful to do life with my husband of 5 years and our three extremely cute + extremely cheeky boys, all five years and under. We certainly have our hands full, but it is these little boys who have inspired me to grow my photography business.

They have made me want to capture special + normal moments, and made me realise how quickly time goes. With photos I can seize the moment, because I’m starting to see this amazing (albeit slightly crazy)  time with our boys will be gone in a flash.

Thoughtful Timeless Authentic

These three words describe my style of photography. I aim to capture real emotions and intimate moments in a natural way, whether it’s a fun family session or on your Wedding day.

I try to steer away from anything too staged, and instead encourage you to spend time in your favourite places with your favourite people. I want to capture real life and document these moments as they’re happening, so you can look back and remember that time, just as it is.   The result will be authentic, relaxed, and true to the moment.

Print your photos !!! It would make my day for you to print your wedding or family photographs, and put them up on your walls so you can enjoy them for years to come. 

If you would like some family photographs and you have young children, don’t panic, I am used to coping with tantrums and hungry, excited little ones… nothing will be rushed, we can just take our time and go with the flow!

If you’re interested in hiring me for your wedding photographs I would be delighted to hear your story, and start getting to know you. Please contact me for a chat.

Please have a look around my site and contact me here to book a session

Portrait of Hannah Robertson

- if you're really interested ! some random facts

  • i grew up in Hastings on the East Sussex coast and I can never be away from the sea for too long.
  • i have quite an irrational fear of wasps, I have never been stung but you'll never see me move as fast to get away from one !
  • i'm terrible at getting up in the mornings and i'm not that great at going to bed so expect emails at random times
  • i just love a house full. nothing fills me heart with more joy when i have family in my home
  • i spent most of my childhood in jodhpurs mucking out and riding around fields, one day i hope to have a horse again.